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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hiatus Notice

Hi, just wanted to let you know I'm taking a hiatus from this blog due to some medical issues.  If you want to check it out, you are welcome over at

No need to unsubscribe here, if I don't post anything you won't receive anymore messages until I return.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grocery Deals 4/9+

Sprouts     watermelon $4,  oranges .98/lb., pineapple 2.50, avocado .68, cucumbers .50, lettuce .98, green beans .98/lb., celery .98, corn .25/ea (vs .33 Randalls)
HEB           grapefruit .33 (vs .50 Sprouts), strawberries $3/2# (vs 2.50/lb. Sprouts & Randalls), mushrooms 1.50, tomatoes .77/lb., (vs .99 Sprouts 1.99 Randalls) whole chicken .88/lb., chicken fajitas 1.97/lb.,
Randalls   90% ground beef 2.99/lb., Friday only: 8pc fried chicken $5

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Grocery Deals 4/2+

HEB:           cantaloupe .99 (vs $2 Sprouts), avocado .50 (vs. .68 Sprouts), chicken breast $1/lb, boneless fajita breasts 1.97/lb, HEB sliced bread 1.48

Sprouts:        strawberries 1.67/lb (vs 2.50 Randalls), grapefruit .33, pineapple 2.50, apples .99/lb, red bell peppers .50, cucumbers .50, cluster tomatoes .98/lb, broccoli .99/lb, celery .99, legs/thighs .99/lb

Randalls:     NY strip 4.99/lb, boneless chicken (frozen)1.99/lb, spaghetti sauce 1.39
                   Friday only: Rotisserie chicken $5

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grocery Deals 3/26+

Sprouts:    seedless watermelon $3, pineapple 2.50, oranges .50/lb. (vs .98 HEB), grapefruit .50, avocado .68, lettuce .98, cucumbers .50, cluster tomatoes .98/lb., green beans .98/lb., asparagus 1.98/lb.,
HEB:            strawberries 1.47/lb. (vs $2 Sprouts), apples .98/lb., cluster tomatoes .97/lb., potatoes 1.97/5#, sirloin steak 3.97/lb., chicken fajitas 1.97/lb., boneless chicken 1.99/lb., HEB ice cream 3.50,
Randalls:     chicken breast/leg/thigh $1/lb., strawberries 1.50/lb.
Friday only: coffeemate $2.50
LIME prices are increasing (restaurant case price was $19 six months ago, now $90) and are in short supply caused by a cluster of variables, so I fyou find limes at a good price, stock up, squeeze them and freeze them.  One being most limes come from an area of Mexico that recently had their drug lord arrested (my opinion is that has caused people to not bother and pick the fruit as it ripens with the area being unstable), demand has increased in China and the US, the greening fungus though on a lime, how can you tell????

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ahhh... Goose Down

There is nothing like a super soft goose down pillow, comforter or vest.  When I was in KC this winter, and the temperatures were at zero, the geese were sitting on the frozen pond without a care in the world warm as could be, thanks to their down feathers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grocery Deals 3/21+

Sprouts:    cantaloupe .98 (vs. 2.50 Randalls), strawberries 2.50/lb., grapefruit .33, pineapple 2.50, oranges .98/lb., grapes 1.98/lb., cluster tomatoes .98/lb.(vs 1.27 HEB), avocados .68 (vs 1.25 Randalls), asparagus 1.98/lb., apples .98/lb., broccoli .98/lb., lettuce .98,  red bell peppers .50 (vs .98 HEB), oats .69/lb.,

HEB:         cantaloupe .99 (vs 2.50 Randalls), cauliflower .99, legs/thighs $1/lb, boneless chicken 1.99/lb, beef fajitas 2.97/lb,

Randalls:  boneless chicken 1.99/lb, with coupon: cake mix or brownie mix .99
Friday only:  strawberries $5/2#

Arlan's has two locations (Cameron/290 and Airport/Oak Springs), neighbor K recently found them to not be stinky like they were when they were Foodland, with a nice produce section and good prices, so we'll follow along with them for a little while too.
chicken legs .69/lb, boneless chicken 1.89/lb, avocados .50, green grapes 1.99/lb, small apples .33 each, small oranges .30 each.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tip Tuesday--Folding Fitted Sheets

Last week I posted about my safety pin trick for fitted sheets.

Since then I've had at least one person confess that they were interested in my methodology because her daughter in law asked her how to do it when she first married.  Certainly, you never want to let your daughter in law down.  I might point out that the first DIL in question also didn't learn from her mom either.