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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grocery Deals 3/21+

Sprouts:    cantaloupe .98 (vs. 2.50 Randalls), strawberries 2.50/lb., grapefruit .33, pineapple 2.50, oranges .98/lb., grapes 1.98/lb., cluster tomatoes .98/lb.(vs 1.27 HEB), avocados .68 (vs 1.25 Randalls), asparagus 1.98/lb., apples .98/lb., broccoli .98/lb., lettuce .98,  red bell peppers .50 (vs .98 HEB), oats .69/lb.,

HEB:         cantaloupe .99 (vs 2.50 Randalls), cauliflower .99, legs/thighs $1/lb, boneless chicken 1.99/lb, beef fajitas 2.97/lb,

Randalls:  boneless chicken 1.99/lb, with coupon: cake mix or brownie mix .99
Friday only:  strawberries $5/2#

Arlan's has two locations (Cameron/290 and Airport/Oak Springs), neighbor K recently found them to not be stinky like they were when they were Foodland, with a nice produce section and good prices, so we'll follow along with them for a little while too.
chicken legs .69/lb, boneless chicken 1.89/lb, avocados .50, green grapes 1.99/lb, small apples .33 each, small oranges .30 each.

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