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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ahhh... Goose Down

There is nothing like a super soft goose down pillow, comforter or vest.  When I was in KC this winter, and the temperatures were at zero, the geese were sitting on the frozen pond without a care in the world warm as could be, thanks to their down feathers.

Today however when L, J and I all arrived home at the same time we noticed two, yes TWO, hawks sitting in the pasture area just outside the yard fence.
And there right beneath them was our goose, down for the count.  We were 15 minutes too late.
I'll spare you the graphic picture, but we'll say that they took advantage of their favorite parts first.

I guess a giant white bird who couldn't fly might have been an easier target than brown chickens or Daffy the mallard drake. Poor Goosey.

J took her 'departure' better than he did with Aflac, because Goosey was always more apprehensive about interacting with the humans once she figured out she was really a fowl.

I suppose this will confirm if she was the one laying the giant white eggs.

I'd better bake a cake while I still have some of her eggs left.  Aunt Gladys always said that there was never a better cake than one made with a duck egg.  I hoping the same might apply to goose eggs.

I proposed that we build a 'safer' area for the chickens to stay during the day.  L didn't go for the idea.  He quickly saw through my 'we' and knew that would really mean 'him' building another fenced in area.  He said he'd rather buy more chickens.

1 comment:

Donna Menke said...

We are in the process of building an enclosed run for our chickens for the same reason. Our own dogs love to catch and kill them, and the wild dogs, coyotes and hawks all seem to like chicken. I liked the idea of having everything free-range, but I do not enjoy finding dead chickens, and replacing them is a pain. With this enclosure we could even go back to raising a few chickens.