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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birth Day e!

Friday evening I got one of the calls I've been waiting for... labor.  The good kind of labor.  You know, when it's not YOU in labor.  Not that you have to call yourself, but you get the idea.

Saturday morning I actually missed the call with the good news, but caught up with C about an hour later when I started checking my phone wondering if there was an update.  Oh six text messages and three missed calls.  hmmm.  Guess that one's on me.

So with out further ado I'll announce that e was born at 10:43 Saturday morning.  She was 7lb 6oz and 20" long.  Mom and baby are doing fine and expect to go home on Monday just before noon.

Oma and Opa (not us) are headed that way to welcome her home.

Big brother c was looking very excited in the picture that I can't seem to get off of my phone, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Welcome to the family baby e!  Can't wait to meet you.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Frugal Friday--Send Flowers

Spiffy Sue sent me some great flowers the other day to celebrate spring, but she did it in a great way and I was torn to include this for Tip Tuesday or Frugal Friday, but knowing Spiffy, the frugal-ness won out.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Menu 4/27+


turkey burgers
sweet potato fries

grilled chicken

italian sausage subs
zucchini fries

crock pot roast
green beans

hot dog tater tot casserole

baked chicken
baked potatoes

strawberries in vanilla yogurt

Grocery Deals 4.24+

Sprouts   corn .25, tomatoes .88/lb (vs. 1.49 HEB), red bell peppers .49, avocados .49, celery .88, green beans .88/lb, zucchini .88/lb, yellow squash .88/lb, lettuce .99, seedless watermelon $4, oranges .88/lb

HEB       strawberries 1.25/lb  (vs $2 Sprouts), kiwi .33, whole chicken .88/lb, ham .97/lb, roast 2.97/lb, 3-pack gum 1.19 (vs single packs in check-out line for same price), boneless chicken 1.99/lb

Randalls   pork chops 1.99/lb, legs/thighs .99/lb, grapefruit .50, boneless chicken 1.99/lb,  cake mix .99, Friday only: milk $2.50

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Things haven't exactly been quiet around here.  I've not been sitting around on the couch eating bon bons or anything wildly interesting like that, but getting time to sit down at the computer has proven to be more of a challenge than I could overcome, until tonight at least.  

J took these pictures on Easter Sunday when L and I were out for a walk.  

That was just before we had the worst execution of a meal in a mighty long time.  We had S & K over for lunch so thankfully it wasn't a large crowd that had to wait.  

Want to know how bad things went... They arrived around noon for lunch, and at 3:30 when the meat was still not ready I declared that we should eat the sides (salads I had made on Saturday) before they we started gnawing the furniture.  I could see in their eyes that was getting close.  

Oh right, back to the pictures.  

While we were on our walk we could see these large swarms of birds migrating in typical bird formations

and then gathering for a 'spin' as they waited for others to join.  
Apparently they flew directly over the house, and were making so much noise that J went outside to see what was going on.  When he realized what was up, he grabbed my phone and went outside to take pictures for the blog.  What a great kid!  

There were thousands of birds it was so amazing to watch as they caught the south breeze and headed back to some northern land.  

Just wanted to share the cool pics with you, even if it was almost a month later.    

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly Menu 4/20+


club wraps
chocolate chip cookies

pork chop casserole
green beans

salisbury steak
mashed potatoes

chicken fajitas
banana pudding

baked bbq chicken
buttered noodles

Mexican skillet dinner
ez Spanish rice

shrimp tacos
ez refried beans

Grocery Deals 4/17+

Sprouts:    mangos .49, strawberries $2, apples .99/lb., asparagus .99/lb., cucumber .49, red bell peppers .49, avocados .49, onions .49/lb., lettuce .99, zucchini .99/lb., yellow squash .99/lb., pork chops 1.69/lb., boneless thighs 1.99/lb

HEB            cantaloupe 1.47, potatoes 1.98/5#, avocados .33, broccoli crowns .77/lb, apples .99/lb, oranges .88/lb, legs/thighs $1/lb, pork chops 1.97/lb,

Randalls     roast 2.99/lb, 90% lean ground beef 2.99/lb, goldfish 1.25, Friday only: strawberries $5/2#

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grocery Deals 4/10+

Sprouts   strawberries 1.25 (vs 1.47 HEB & Randalls), oranges .88/lb., apples .99/lb., pineapples 2.50, grapes 1.99/lb.,  avocados .50, cucumbers .50, green peppers .50, red/yellow/orange peppers .99, lettuce .99, squash/zucchini .99/lb., celery .99, boneless chicken 1.99/lb., oats .69/lb

HEB            apples .98/lb, chicken fajitas 1.97/lb, chicken breast $1/lb, roast 2.97/lb, TX ribs 2.97/lb, pork loin 1.97/lb (cut your own butterfly pork chops), ice cream 3.50,

Randalls    brownie mix .99, (wow, short list this week)

Weekly Menu 4/13+


TX ribs
parm roasted potatoes
green beans

chicken fajitas

quick chicken & spinach skillet

potato crusted quiche

layered meatloaf
strawberries & whipped cream

tuna noodle casserole
garlic bread


Monday, April 8, 2013

Tip Tuesday--When it Rains, It Pours

This is a public service announcement. 

When you've had a very dry spell for a period and it does finally rain an inch at your house while you're away at work, you are thankful.  

Then when it starts to pour after you are home for the evening you're even more thankful.  Especially when it is this much rain. 

But later when you find out that your dearest most darling-est youngest child has left the trunk open during said rainstorm, it does dampen your spirits.  

When you get the dripping wet quilt out of the trunk, and all of the other wet things out and into the dryer and spread all over the house to dry out and you think you've gotten it all.  Then you'll figure out that you didn't.

Turns out that 2.25" of rain was not all absorbed by one quilt, a bible, a baseball glove, and shopping bags that were scattered all over the back of the trunk.  

It seems that the spare tire well is apparently capable of holding a couple of inches of water for a few more days.

Just thought I'd share this useful bit of information.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekly Menu 4/6+


tater tots

grilled chicken
grilled veggies
garlic bread

sub sandwiches

beef with peppers

chicken parmesan
angel hair pasta

egg nests

sausage bean medley

Grocery Deals 4/3+

Sprouts     avocados .33 (vs .98 HEB, 1.25 Randalls), oranges .49/lb. (vs. 88 HEB), grapes 1.99/lb. (2.99 Randalls),  strawberries $2/lb., apples .99/lb., broccoli .99/lb., cucumbers .49, roma tomatoes .88/lb., bell peppers .49, zucchini .88/lb., red bell peppers .88, chicken tenders 1.99/lb.

HEB           kiwi .33, boneless chicken 1.99/lb, pork chops 1.97/lb,

Randalls     90% lean ground beef 2.99/lb, roast 2.99/lb, legs/thighs .99/lb, strawberries 2#/$5, milk 3.18/gallon,
* with coupon: cake mix .99; mayo/miracle whip 2.49