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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frugal Friday--Disney

Ok, there is honestly NOTHING about going to Disney that is frugal, except that they will give you free tap water to drink if you ask them.  Oh and you can bring in your own snack foods as long as it isn't glass containers.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekly Menu 6/29+


roasted potato medley
green beans

1-dish chicken parmesan

taco salad
blueberry torte squares

dr pepper shredded pork
jalapeno coleslaw

grilled chicken
grilled veggies

rocket dogs

cheesy spirals
garlic bread

Grocery Deals 6/26+

Sprouts:      plums/peaches/nectarines .69/lb., green grapes .99/lb. (vs. 2.99 Randalls), mangos .49, blueberries 2.50/pt, seedless watermelon $4, lettuce .99, onions .69, cucumbers .49, avocados .69, zucchini .99lb, roma tomatoes .99/lb., boneless thighs 1.99/lb.
          Fri/Sat/Sun only:  cantaloupe .69, 85% lean ground beef 2.88/lb.

 HEB:             fajita chicken 1.97/lb, Corn .16, zucchini .88/lb, tomatoes .98/lb, blueberries 1.50/pt, limes .16, mangos .50, whole chickens .88/lb, pork chops 1.97/lb,

Randalls:       brisket 1.49/lb, 90% lean ground beef 2.99/lb, bluebell $4,

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tip Tuesday--Reducing Mail Clutter

I'm sure you've all given up on me related to having another useful tip here, but I came across it the other day and felt it was blog worthy.

I despise opening the mail.  Not the personalized mail that is so rare these days with emails, texts and tweets (though I'm not personally a twit), but the mail that comes from all sorts of random places trying to get you to buy their stuff, send them money, apply for their credit card to 'afford' the previous two items, subscribe to overpriced insurance and all manner of catalogs and what not.

Well I've had it!  This is the pile of junk mail that has come into my house in the last two weeks.


Enough is finally enough.  I have started replying to all of the things that I used to just throw away (personal info) and recycle (the rest of it).

The cute little return address labels... I sent them a note, please stop sending me these I don't intend to give to your organization.

The other places I've donated to in the past, but don't anymore.  I've sent them a note as well to spend their  dollars in a different place.  I'm not donating, I'm trying to save them some money and I want the mail to decrease.

Then I stumbled onto a credit card offer that held the mother lode of opt out options.  After contacting that call center I call this number: 1-888-567-8688 (888-5- OPT-OUT).  This site by the Federal Trade Commission also provides this same phone number and option to get out of these offers for 5 years!  Hooray!!!

It is a little worrisome when you have to put in your SSN and birth date, but because I was calling them I went ahead with it.

I think my plan is working because Friday we did not have ANY mail delivered to our box.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grocery Deals 6/19+

Sprouts:    red grapes .88/lb (vs 1.69 Randalls, 1.78 HEB), seedless watermelon $2, blueberries $2.50/pt, mangos .77, green beans .99/lb, roma .99/lb, broccoli .99/lb, celery .99, zucchini .77/lb, cucumbers .49, green bell peppers .49, cantaloupe 1.50

HEB:         strawberries 1.25/lb, cantaloupe .88 (vs 1.50 Sprouts), peaches 1.48/lb, tomatoes .88/lb, lettuce .88, avocados,.47, sirloin steak 3.97/lb, legs/thighs $1/lb, pork chops 1.97/lb,


Friday only: blueberries 2.50/pt, 8pc fried chicken

Weekly Menu 6/22+


chicken fajitas
yogurt pops

skillet manicotti

steak salad
dinner rolls

3 cheese stuffed shells
crusty bread

shortcut chicken salsa
ez spanish rice
cucumber salad

summer stir fry

frito pie
chocolate chip cookies

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Summer of Chores

Two weeks ago c & e brought their parents down for a visit.

We had a great time and even S was able to come from Houston and spend part of a day with all of us.

After dinner the boys started cleaning up the kitchen, well almost all of the boys.  J was a little slower to get up and help and he had to be 'made' to get up and help.  Then he was ready to stop at just unloading the dishwasher.  It was fun to listen to C & S tell him about how easy he had it, but then all the things they used to have to do.  Man I've been lettin this kid off with an easy life, and more importantly  I've been doing way too much.  :)

L and I had an impromptu parent meeting and decided that since J was staying home this summer that this would be a good time to institute a summer theme... The Summer of Chores.  C & S were excited at the idea.  J not so much.

I'm happy to report though that J has taken to The Summer of Chores like anyone else's duck to water, because our ducks are still not liking the water
and they run back to the coop every time we carry them down to the tank.

First up:
Stain the cedar posts that hold up the porch.  The last time this job was done S was in charge of it and it was at least 6-7 years ago.  These posts soaked up the stain like a sponge.  J was eager to get started...
a little bit of cardboard proved to be just the thing to keep most of the stain off of the concrete porch.
turns out the cardboard is ineffective when you are jumping to reach the higher parts of a post
in typical J fashion he figured out how many posts there were and then set a goal and did just that many for the day.  He finished 8 the first day and as of this writing has only one left, plus the gate.

Then he asked if he could stain the keypads down by the gate.  Since those are both relatively new, I thought that was a great idea.  So he loaded up his supplies and went down to the gate and took care of that job yesterday.
So far things are working out really well.

Next up... pulling up Evening Shades, i.e. weeds.  Both C & S had 'great memories' of that task and they didn't want J to miss out on that fun.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekly Menu 6/15+


panfried pork chops
super mashed potatoes
green beans

grilled chicken pieces
grilled squash
chocolate pudding

grilled chicken salad
with feta, corn and
crusty bread

venison roast
ranch style beans

1 dish taco bake

fish tacos
cole slaw
purple cows


Grocery Deals 6/12+

Sprouts      Blueberries .99/6oz, seedless watermelon $4, plums 1.49/lb., grapes 1.49/lb. (vs. 1.78 HEB), bi-color corn .33, red bell peppers .49, cucumbers .49, zucchini .88/lb. (vs. .98 HEB), roma .88/lb., onions .88/lb., lettuce .88, green beans .88/lb.
HEB             corn .16, peaches .67/lb. (vs 1.49 Sprouts), mangos .50, limes .13, tomatoes .98/lb.,  chicken/pork fajitas 1.97/lb., pork chops 1.97/lb., t-bone steak 5.97/lb.
Randalls:    NY Strip 4.99/lb., Ribeye 5.99/lb., 93% lean ground beef 2.49/lb., pork ribs 1.77/lb

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekly Ads 6/5+

Sprouts:  strawberries 1.50/lb., apricots 1.49/lb., peaches .98/lb., red/green bell peppers .48, cucumbers .48, onions .88/lb., zucchini .88/lb. roma  tomatoes .88/lb., broccoli .98/lb., lettuce .98/lb., cantaloupe $2, oats .69/lb.

HEB:             boneless chicken 1.97/lb, pork chops 1.97/lb, ice cream 3.50, blueberries 2.47/pt (vs 1.50 6oz Sprouts), mangos .88, grapes .88/lb (vs 1.48 Sprouts), red potatoes 2.98/5#

Randalls:      pork loin 1.99/lb, boneless chicken 1.99/lb, whole chicken .99/lb
        Friday only: rotisserie chicken $5

Weekly Menu 6/8+


spinach tomato tortellini
garlic bread

fried chicken
smashed red potatoes

pork kebabs
corn on the cob

beef stroganoff

black bean lasagna

grilled chicken

orange fluff