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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tip Tuesday--Watch for Snakes

Last weekend when J had his sleepover with a couple of boys I made each of the boys sit on the couch and repeat a few phrases thinking that if they said them out loud, with their own voice, I would have fewer problems with 'oh I forgot' or 'oh I didn't know.'

Here are a few examples of things I thought of:

  • I will not go into your bedroom.  
  • I will watch for snakes.  
  • I will not go in the tall grass.  
Then they got the hang of it and volunteered one or two of their own.

  • I will not go in or out of the windows.  

Honestly, that had never crossed my mind, but if someone was thinking of it early it was best to address it now.  So I went down the line and had each one repeat THAT sentence too.  In retrospect I should have added, I will shut the door, but it wasn't too hot and they did remember that one most of the time without a reminder.

Sunday L & J went to town to the picture show to see The Avengers.  I was happy to stay home and watch a DVD that Netflix had sent for me, plus catch up on some chores around the house.  Finally, about 5:30 I thought that they should be home soon and wouldn't it be nice if I had dinner ready for them.

I opened the door to go and start the gas grill and as I was making sure the door shut behind me I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that something 'extra' was on the door sill.  Turning back I now saw that it was a coiled up rattlesnake.  Not a big one, which is why it fit nicely on the sill, but I quickly ran into the yard!  Oh man!  Oh man!

Of course L wasn't home yet.  Panic set in.  What am I going to do???? I could call S and maybe he could talk me through trying to shoot it.  I thought it would be funny to call C again and ask him what to do, but then that memory reminded me I could at least go in another door to be back safe and sound in the house.

Then I started thanking God that the snake didn't bite me, or just pop into the house because he was on that 'side' of the door.  But what in the world was I going to DO??? The boys (C & S) would have mocked me for not knowing what to do or how to shoot it on my own.  I had already tried calling L before I got this great idea of going outside, and he hadn't answered.

Then I got the answer...I quickly called neighbor K and asked if her husband R could please come over and kill a snake for me.  Yes.  He's getting his shoes on right now.  Keep an eye on it.

This is me keeping an eye on it from INSIDE the house...
keeping an eye on it.  It's down there on the right corner where the green and black portions meet.  I got the best quality I could, but I'm sure you'll understand this was as good as it was going to get.

R arrived promptly and when I saw him standing in the yard I went out the kitchen door to watch him dispatch the villain. He pinned his head with the ax and then cut his head off with a sharp and appropriately sized knife.  No need to send CSI over, that's snake blood below.

I was VERY thankful to have him come over.  The three he has killed at his house have all been about this size.

Then he pointed out that he was glad to help because by mid-summer all of these snakes will be much bigger and it's better to get rid of as many as possible now.  Amen to that brother.

Of course L & J drove up just as R was leaving.

Then just to be sure my life was shortened just a little more while I was making supper I found this:
because someone at church asked L to keep any snakes he kills so that he can have them.  Church staff beware this is moving to your freezer Tuesday around lunch time.

So please watch for snakes if you come for a visit, and I'll do the same.  They can just be anywhere.

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