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Monday, May 28, 2012

Tuesday's Terrific Tip--Just Do It

This week we will again have a guest idea thanks to T's suggestion from last weekend that everyone share one idea.  Well this week it is L's turn, but not L my husband.  Please don't get them confused; they are very different people, and I love them both.

L was quick to come up with this idea to share when we were sharing ideas, and since she was writing everyone's ideas down I know she captured it just right.

"A few minutes going out of your way to do something nice for your husband (or wife, for my male reader) is an investment that always pays off."

She said that it didn't always come easy and she often did things reluctantly, like make iced tea or make the bed, but when she got the right attitude about it and she found the want to--see last week's post, it made her husband respond in a nice way.  Which gave her a warm fuzzy feeling which led her to do more nice things and then it was an upward spiral of goodness.

It took a good while for me to learn that lesson too (I won't speak for L on this one), but after we read the book Love and Respect  at our house, we found ourselves in regular spirals of goodness vs. spirals of doom and gloom.

Turns out that men need and desire respect way more than love and yet it is not what women easily have to offer.  AND not coincidentally by God's design women need love and that is not what men easily have to offer, so you both need to work at providing what the other needs.

So if you are feeling like things aren't that great at your house, try some spirals of special-ness, recognition of respect, laurels of love and see if the relationships start improving!  I bet it even works on kids.


Anonymous said...

perhaps it would be better said: AND not coincidentially that is how God created man and woman, husband and wife. However, since "the fall" (see Genesis 3)sin and death have entered creation causing spirals of doom and gllom. Thanks be to God that he sent his Son, our savior, to redeem us and let us show glimpses of love to each other (a foretatse of the feast to come)

Andrea said...

Thank you, yes that does sound better Mr. Anonymous.