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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Frugal Friday--Decorating

About a week ago I was dashing into WW for a few items, but before I got too far, I found this enormous gaylord of gourds and small specialty pumpkins.  Those things don't normally catch my eye, however the price on this bin showed 2 cents.  That's at least worth taking a look inside.  

Since you can't even buy a piece of gum for two cents anymore, I figured the worst case if the sign was wrong I would just not purchase them.  But they did indeed ring up at two cents.  

That prompted the clerk who was manning the self-checkout area to rush over to my register and take those pumpkins away from us not believing the low low price.  While she was busy doing that, I was busy running around the corner to pick up another bag of these cuties. 

She figured it all out and I brought these home and found a cute way to inexpensively decorate for the Thanksgiving holiday.  

So keep your eyes open for a great deal.  


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