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Monday, November 26, 2012

Tip Tuesday--Holiday Prep

Nana is our guest blogger today, she had some great tips that she shared with me that will be great to pass right along to you all. 

Here are some things that worked for me last year.

  • Decorate early (Had a Neighborhood party on Dec. 10 that got me going before the last minute rush.)  
  • Decorate less  (Put up a tree, wreath over the fireplace, wreathes on the doors and gates, manger scene in every room, that's all.)
  • No main meal for family Christmas  (For the past millennium, we have served appetizers, a main course, and desserts.  We stuffed on appetizers until the meal.  Then people ate very little at the main meal -- saving themselves for the desserts.  Last year we cut out the main meal.  That went over so well, that the group has opted for a repeat this year of heavy appetizers and decadent desserts.)
  • Gifts only to grand and great grand children -- no Christmas shopping; gave only money; doubled money for children on their birthdays (actually started this several years ago)
  • Bake early & freeze
  • Schedule fun stuff on calendar -- like looking at XMAS lights, caroling at the church, etc.
  • Forget about having a spotless house (You knew that was coming, right?)

Thanks Nana!

I always like any advice that suggests not cleaning the house.  You can see I come by that honestly now.  


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