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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Forever 21... at least for now

We are winding down our great chicken adventure, but we unfortunately lost another chicken on Monday night.  L discovered the body first thing Tuesday morning.  

This week we have the weigh in, the decision of who makes it to the show,  and on Friday the actual show. 

Monday we had crazy winds... 30 mph was the standard with gusts up to 50 mph and it was chilly.  Given the weather some of my KC co-workers and MI friends have had this week I won't insult all y'all with the temperature, but it was cold for us.  

Apparently, sometime in the night Monday one of the chickens got in the way of a spilled/spilling water jug, got wet and caught her death of cold.  It was sad, but we've moved on.  These chickens, no longer chicks, are eating us out of house and home.    I've got a twist for them coming up, hopefully they don't catch on.  

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