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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Charlie

We've had a few days when getting home was not exactly easy and traffic was difficult at the end of our commute...
some days on the road there is a lot of bull.

Yes, those are cheesy... 

We've had some new cows move into our pasture in the last month.  We know where they came from, they aren't strays or anything.  The real point here is that J has bonded with these momma cows and their babies.  

There was this one 'cold' and 'rainy' Saturday (ie 50 degrees and drizzling) and he had nothing else to do, so he spent a good two hours trying to get close enough to the cows so he could pet them.  He walked where the cows walked.  I think he wore them out marching up and down the pastures, but he was successful, at least a little.  

This past Saturday was a lovely day, but I was busy in the house working on this and that while J was outside walking the chickens and guarding against hawk attack.

Then he called for me to come outside

and meet Charlie.

Charlie, or should I say Charli, is one of the new cows.  You can recognize her as the black cow with the orange #107 earring.

Maybe she is ok with the petting because she knows J will be sure to leave a treat out for her;

chicken food. I think she's a body double for one of the Chick-fil-A cows.  J doesn't mind if she eats the food.  I did put a stop to that since we've got 22 beaks to feed.

I don't know if Charli will be as entertaining as Missy, but there's a definite bond between those two for now.

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