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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tip Tuesday--Back to the Bags

I thought I'd share a couple of the comments I received about the bags...

Anonymous: These are great tips, as always, Andrea! I am always forgetting to take my shopping bags with me even though I try to leave at least a few in the front seat where I should see them, but maybe I will try leaving my purse in one of them, as you suggested, so I can't leave the car without them ;)

Will disposable produce bags still be allowed? I usually use one of these to double-bag any meat purchases in case of leaks... [A: produce bags are still allowed]

I am also curious to see if stores such as Sprouts and Whole Foods will continue to offer a "rebate" for bringing your reusable bags now that it is the law [A: As of this morning, no more rebate on the BYOB at Sprouts]...

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I know that stores like 7-Eleven started charging for biodegradable plastic bags (similar to the material used by Whole Foods) when free plastic bags were banned in Taiwan, too. 

This one was my favorite...
Neighbor D: Hmmmm- I guess running back out to the car to get the bags is not to be construed as a 'good suggestion'. 
Front seat works for me most of the time. 

My problem with running back to the car is that I remember when I've got all my stuff loaded on the belt and they are asking if I want my milk in a bag.  BAG!  Oh I forgot my bags; again.  


Unknown said...

Thanks for the update, Andrea!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update, Andrea!

Anonymous said...

The Sprouts in Round Rock still gives a rebate for bringing your bags since we heathens in the hinterlands are not yet required to use them.