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Friday, May 3, 2013

Little Baby Calf

A couple of weeks ago one of the momma cows had a baby.  Well not a human baby, but a calf.
After a couple of weeks L noticed that he hadn't seen the calf in a while.  He was concerned that the calf wasn't getting enough to eat/drink and that maybe the momma was not keeping as good of track of it as she should. So he went out looking for it and he found it hunkered down in a section of brush.  Then as only a good man could, he carried the calf out of the brush and brought it out so he could watch and see how things were really going. 

When the calf started bawling the whole herd of mommas came running.
There was plenty of protective manuevering going on

and then the teenagers continued to talk smack, as teenagers will sometimes do,

even when it was all for their own good. 

I think there's a lesson there, but I'll let that ride for now. 

Anyway, L texted Mr. D the owner of the cows to let him know it might be time to set up a bottle operation at their house.  Mrs. D, if you're done feeding the calf, you might let us know how things are going. 

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