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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sailing: Yesterday and Today

Way, way back in the day I used to sail on the lake with my Sissy.  We had such fun during the summers sailing our sunfish sailboats, standing them on their sides going fast.

We even had a chance to ride on a 14' Hobie Cat once and that was a lot of fun because that boat could go SO much faster and really lean over.  We're sorry mom's that we rode with a complete stranger, but his dog was so cute, how could he be creepy???  Except that he was picking up two almost teen-aged girls.  I'll invoke the 20 year rule, so that we won't be in trouble.  We recognize now, that we were crazy, if that counts for anything.

All of that is just to tell you that I know how to sail a boat.  Move forward a few years from those crazy teen age years, or now back almost 30 years and one November after L and I were first married we had a chance to go out on the same lake in someone's sailboat.  The downside is that just as we were getting down to the water a cold front blew in and the wind was blowing like crazy from the north.  We get started and sailing out of the cove is not too difficult, after all the wind is at our back.  But when I start trying to get us back in, well it's not going well.

To say it is not going well, is quite an understatement, because eventually we are blown out into the middle of the white capping lake and it is clear that I am completely powerless to get us back to the right place. I keep thinking and then saying, just one more turn and I can get us going in the right direction.

Mercifully, a powerboat comes to our aid and tows us back to the other side of the lake and back into our cove.  But this sets in motion a strong conviction in L's mind that I am completely incapable of operating a sailboat and therefore he has refused to board any watercraft with me that is powered by wind.

Until last weekend.

Let me be clear, it was not without a great deal of hesitation on his part.  When we were set for the Miami trip we were given a choice by the planning group of one activity to participate in.  I read him the options: Walking food tour of South Beach, Everglades, Botanical Gardens, Shopping, Golf, Spa Day, Catamaran Cruise. I knew what I wanted to do right away, but also knew that he might not be willing, and said he did not have to go with me.  After I found out enough details, he did agree to also take the catamaran cruise.

The one key factor: at no time would I be in charge of the sailboat.

Instead, our captain

did a great job of motoring through the wharf/bay/pier areas with all of the container ships loading up (this one is headed to St Louis.  Hey, J&C let us know if you see this ship this week),

 and getting us out to the open waters
You can see the boat is spacious and easily accommodates all 36 of us.  

We sailed up the beach side almost all the way back to our hotel
before turning around and heading back.

Finally, one in our party was able to relax and no longer worry that we would be bound for the Western coast of Africa looking for a tow back 'as soon as I make this next turn'.

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