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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frugal Friday--Disney

Ok, there is honestly NOTHING about going to Disney that is frugal, except that they will give you free tap water to drink if you ask them.  Oh and you can bring in your own snack foods as long as it isn't glass containers.

J and I are headed to FL with a friend from school and his mom to take in as much of the Disney experience as we can possibly cram in over the course of two days, plus throw in a day at Legoland and a day at NASA.  At least the Legoland has a coupon for free kids admission with an adult ticket.  I feel like I'm getting quite the bargain.

Everyone I know who has gone to Disney has worn matching shirts, presumably so that you can pick someone from your group out of the crowd.  Like if you're missing a kid you can point to another one, and say see he looks just like this one, but taller or shorter or is a girl or whatever you might need to compare to.

I might or might not have experience when my friend and I misplaced our children at an amusement park when it was getting dark and we wanted to ride one more roller coaster.  The good news is that we did find them without needing to contact any of the park staff.  And we didn't have matching shrits to refer to either.

Another example: The G family bought the ugliest t-shirt in the history of t-shirts when they went.  The shirt is from Ted Drewes, and I always thought KG was exaggerating about how ugly the shirt was.  Then I saw the shirt in STL with my own eyes and he was not kidding.  Good thing they have good frozen custard; orangecicle is still my favorite over these last four years of visits to STL, but I digress.

Not wanting to have to send for, or wear ugly Ted Drewe's shirts, I decided to copy my neighbor and make my own shirts.  Borrowing her bleach pens:
I bought close to the same color shirts and put a plastic bag inside each shirt:

Then cut out a template from a picture I found on line

Then traced around the template on each of the four shirts (one shirt for each day)

Waited, somewhat patiently for some magic to happen

Then rinsed and took hold of the magic

I tried to find all cotton shirts, they weren't.  Which explains the various amounts of color stripping and bleeding, but overall I'm quite happy with them.  

It'll be a fun adventure!

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