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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Welcome Mr. Goose

Please welcome Lucy Goosey or Mr. Goose

We really aren't sure of the gender, so we tend to call it 'the goose'.

He was incubated by a fellow church member who had been incubating and hatching chicken eggs.  When he started to grow into a full sized goose he needed to find a new home in the country.  City life was not for him.  I don't think Austin minds chickens, but geese can get a little louder than chickens.

After the passing of Aflac, Mrs. K asked if we would be interested in a new member of the flock.  We were agreeable and so the goose came to live with us.  At first he would follow any of us around when we were outside as he had been more of a pet and companion when he lived in town.

Mr. Goose is also not fond of the big tank, though he did stay in the water a bit longer than the ducks when they were introduced.  However, once he found his way out, he came right back to the house and started pal-ing around with Daffy and the hens.

Look what a good lucking duck Daffy has become.

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