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Friday, January 28, 2011

Frick and Frack Wash Dishes

OK, what happens when you are both Frick and Frack? If the antics are divided between two of you, well it makes it a little easier to laugh as you go along. When you are both Frick and Frack, it takes a little longer to find the humor, but it comes.

Here's the abbreviated version of my story. My dishwasher has been on its last legs for several months. Being the good frugal gal that I am when Texas offered a second round of appliance rebates we decided that now would be the time that we would replace it. On December 31st I went to Sears after doing research online about which dishwasher I wanted and purchased the bisque Kitchen Aid dishwasher. It has the stainless steel interior. Insert appliance lust here, make Tim Allen noises etc. One 'small' issue, we cant deliver it until January 26th. Well, mine is still working, albeit barely, so I can wait.

Fast forward to January 25th. L knows that tomorrow has been circled on my calendar and that my new toy will be here the next day. So he takes the old one out and leaves it in the kitchen so that the Sears guy can haul away the old one and we don’t have to look like country trash with an appliance on our porch. One 'little' catch. When he takes the water line off of the old dishwasher he has to turn off the hot water line to the faucet. It's fine. I can do without hot water for one day.

Of course if you forget, which I have, and turn on the hot water at the faucet some water shoots out of the line and all over the floor. I'm thankful again that we have concrete floors and no damage is done.

Wednesday morning dawns and at 7:07 I get the call from Sears. We wont be delivering your dishwasher today. Someone will call you in the next 24 to 48 hours and reschedule. Uh ok. Thanks for calling. Meanwhile back in the kitchen dishes are starting to stack up as we speak. No one else is home, but somehow dishes just do that sort of thing.

Wednesday supper is in the crockpot so there aren’t many dishes, but all of our lunch containers have congregated on the counter with no place to go either. I end up talking to Sears for a little over two hours by the time the night is through. My favorite comment from them was the delivery person who said it would be delivered next next Wednesday. Huh? Yes, next next Wednesday, February 9th. OK. That wont work. Long story short here, a different, not as cool to me dishwasher is on its way for pickup Saturday at Sears. No extra out of pocket money on my part and I get a refund of my delivery charge and the disposal fee when I pick it up.

Now it's Thursday afternoon and the plastic containers are reproducing like rabbits. Plus supper dishes and those that I used to cook with too. Here is a before picture of the chaos, well midway through the chaos.  At this point I have everything stacked up in piles.  It wasnt this neat before; Dishes, sink, small space for clean dishes, all the stuff from under the sink. Now look down at the cake cover lid catching the dripping water line. The first morning that was more of a puddle in the kitchen and dining room. Remember why I'm thankful for those concrete floors?

Then Frick and Frack came to wash dishes.

I need hot water so it's off to the bathtub for hot water. Washing back there was not an option. Fill up pot, back to the kitchen; repeat. I'll need one more for rinsing so repeat again. Add soap, wash wash wash. Now all of these clean-ish dishes are in the rinse water side waiting to be fully rinsed off. Frick decides that one more pot of hot water is needed and that it should all be fresh over the dishes so she pulls the plug. Frack decides that she should also start over on the washing side and pulls the plug. Then I/we/they hear rushing water dumping somewhere under the sink.

Powerless to stop the rushing tide I'm left just watching in horror as all the water dumps out the dishwasher drain line hole that isn’t plugged up. I grab the cake lid cover so water starts dripping all over the floor again. But in the meantime I cant get the lid under the sink because there is still stuff in the way that didn’t get taken out when I first moved things so the water just keeps coming. L says oh yeah, you shouldn’t use that side of the sink the drain line isn't hooked up. Thanks.

That's what happens when Frick and Frack wash dishes at my house.

Oh, and we currently have an appliance on our porch.
I MUST find someplace to take that VERY soon. For now, we are country trash.

The moral of the story?  When Frick and Frack come to help, you can be sure of a laugh and a mess to clean up too. 

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