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Monday, January 24, 2011

Which Citrus is Best?

I was noticing last week when I worked through the grocery ads that there were a number of different citrus items on sale for various prices per pound and some per piece. Figuring out which one is the best deal for your family depends on when and where you use the fruits.

I thought of two options and ways to decide the best price/value. I made a quick comparison at Sun Harvest using their courtesy scales so the numbers are not completely scientific, but you can use this methodology to help make the decision for your purchase.

Here is a handy-dandy chart to evaluate what's going on:


$ per pound# per pound$ per piece
navel oranges$0.251.00$0.25

price at store

You take/pack one piece of fruit per person per day. To a certain extent it doesn’t matter the size or weight of the fruit just that each person gets 'an orange' every day in their lunch or for an afternoon snack. In this case you want the highest number of pieces per pound at the lowest price.

Tangelos were .49/lb and I could get 3 tangelos per pound equating to .16 each. Large Navel oranges weighed in at almost 1/lb each, but they cost .25/lb so that was probably .23 each. Or you could buy a grapefruit for over one pound each and they were .25 each.

You are feeding a group. If you are feeding a group of people and you expect them to eat until they are full, you would be better to buy the grapefruit at .19/lb or the navel oranges at .25/lb if you don’t think they would eat grapefruit.

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