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Friday, August 5, 2011

Farm to Table Breakfast

This was the sunrise I stepped out to the other morning. 

God is amazing isn’t He? **Cue the music** Never mind the science for the moment, but how cool is this sky with the distinct rays against the cloudless sky? 
It’s like something a kid would draw and you’d think nawww that’s just not possible, but it was.  I saw it.  It was early, well before I wanted to be awake anyway. 
When I got home from my run I decided to check the coop for eggs.  I only found one, the others were hiding in who knows what location.  Happy with the one though, I went to close the hatch that opens to the nesting box area and the egg slipped and fell to the ground.  Naturally it cracked.  So I ran in and grabbed the camera so that I could share the moment with you. 

In the frying pan, a few leftover potatoes and onions added to the flavor.  Are you buying that?  me neither.

After a shower, frying up some bacon, slicing a tomato and toasting an English muffin, smeared with Miracle Whip, I had a remake of my favorite breakfast sandwich. 

That’s was one fresh and delicious sandwich.

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