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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Leisure Diving--sorta

Perhaps you’ve heard about the new phenomenon sweeping the nation called Leisure Diving; ok me neither.  Apparently it has replaced Planking.  Which is good, because plenty of people were getting hurt planking. 
The way I see it you could potentially drown in a leisure dive, but then you’d have to know you couldn’t swim before you started lunging for the pool and in theory you wouldn't do that.
Last night as we made it through day #50 over 100 degrees (20 consecutive days over 100) and we were soaking in our red-neck pool, L brought the dives up as J started jumping in off the ladder into the pool.   
So just to keep things cool, I thought I’d post these pictures of J’s version of leisure diving.  Really, if you ask me he's just being a kid. 
It’s always good to start any event with the Pledge of Allegiance, and this show is no exception.  As you can see though I was on the wrong side of the light source, so the remaining pictures have better lighting. 



And so concludes our show for the evening.

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