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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grocery Deals 2/22+

This is a great week to hit Sprouts for your produce, just about everything is less expensive there. 
Sprouts     pineapple .99, oranges .33/lb, grapefruit .33/ea, blackberries $2, apples .88/lb (vs. .99HEB 1.99 Randalls), spinach .88 (vs. 97 HEB), broccoli .88/lb (vs.1.49 Randalls), green/red bell peppers .33 (vs .77 HEB), cucumbers .49 (vs.69 Randalls), cabbage .49/lb, onion .49/lb, squash .77/lb, zucchini .77/lb, tomatoes .77/lb (vs. .97 HEB, 1.99 Randalls), avocado .77, pork chops or roast 1.59/lb (vs 1.97 HEB or 1.99 Randalls)
HEB          strawberries $3/2#, cauliflower $1, whole chickens .77/lb
Randalls  leg quarters .59/lb, boneless chicken 1.88/lb (vs 1.97 HEB)
  • Coupon required from flyer: 30% off frozen foods, Grands biscuits .99 (limit 4)

Be cautious of Oscar Mayer’s new lunch meat package on sale at Randalls for $0.99 this week.  Turns out it’s only a 2 oz package, which equates to $8/lb!  EEEKK, might as well buy the Black Forrest ham at the deli for that sort of money. No idea how much it is as HEB, might be $1.25 :)  

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