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Monday, February 6, 2012

Tuesday's Terrific Tip--Use it all

My neighbor D reminded me after she read Friday's post that it's important to use all of something too.  Perhaps it's the shampoo or conditioner.  Where adding a bit of water is a great way to get the last little bit out of the bottle.

You can also add water to containers of dish soap or dishwasher soap (if you use the liquid kind).  A few teaspoons of water in the hand lotion bottle, shaken well will give you several more days worth of lotion.

In the 'dry' items you can cut open boxes of dishwasher soap, the salt container, can't you always just hear a little more in there?

Have things that are more solid, like toothpaste?  I recently saw on tv a guy that cut his toothpaste tube in half across, so that the arm & hammer logo is separated from the rest of the tube.  Then spread it open and use your tooth brush to 'scoop' out the rest of the toothpaste.
This exercise helped me get an extra four or five days out of a tube that I was certain was empty.

The whole point of all of this using it all up?

Of course, it's so that you have more money to buy the important things in life; like good chocolate.

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