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Monday, March 26, 2012

Tuesday's Terrific Tip--Get Ready for Tomorrow, Today

This morning I knew what I was going to wear and it was funny to see that my co-worker L had chosen almost the same color combination.  As we laughed at our similar colored shirts, it wasn't the first time we'd done that, she said that she had picked out her outfit the day before.  I had also picked out my outfit the day before, because I wore it to church.  So we laughed again.

That got me/us to thinking about what you can do to help yourself today for the next day.

First, there are probably a few things that you've realized take a little extra time in the morning.  Getting dressed.... What to wear????

you can set aside the outfit and accessories that you want to wear.  If I wore any number of accessories, I could have taken a picture, but I'm lucky to remember earrings every morning.  You'd think after 35+ years I wouldn't need to think about that every day anymore, but last week I forgot to put some on.

Getting backpacks, permission slips for field trips--lunch can be a field trip--ha!, clothes for practice, your workout stuff for the gym, your lunch; all of these can be put together the night before so that you can have a smoother morning, not feel rushed and more importantly not forget the baseball glove on the dining room table like one family I know did last week.  It might have been the same day I forgot my earrings now that I think about it.

You can also do this at the office right before you leave too.  If there is a project that you must get done right away, write yourself a note with the three things you hope to get done first thing the next morning.

My family is some what challenged with everyday transitions.  When it comes to early mornings this also applies to me.  I can be pleasant, but I might not be fully awake and engaged when I first get to the office.  However, if I've left myself a note from the evening before I find that I can pick right back up where I left off with a lot less 'transition time'.  When I'm working in the afternoon and the brain is 'on' it's easy to know what that next thing to do is.

However, after I've gone home and found this
because the chickens were hiding them ahead of the Easter bunny again in this area
well it's distracting and I forget all of the cares of the office.

So help yourself have a less stressful morning, day or week by getting a jump on a few things the day before.

The good news?  The eggs all tested out just fine, so looks like we are back in the egg business.  Now that they're hiding place was found, they are laying eggs in the coop.

At least for now.

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