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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Terrific Tip--Planting for LE$$

This week there was not going to be a Terrific Tuesday Tip because frankly I couldn’t think of anything to write about and I got too busy, even for me.  But, hey, at least I recognized that I was too busy.  Then why am I still posting today?  Because I talked to my dear sweet Marketing Director, T, today and she shared a great tip that I had to share with you too. 

Last week we talked about c,

and lettuce, and how it is planting season and all that spring stuff. 

Happy vernal equinox—did you know you are supposed to be able to stand an egg up on its end today?  If my chickens were producing eggs I could test this out. 

Right.  Back to the point of this no-post week. 

Well, T had some great information.  She has found the last three years that Lowe’s, not Home Depot, puts a lot of their plants on clearance at the back of the garden center  and marks them down for 50% off.  Three years ago she was uncertain if these plants would last so she bought half of her purchase as the 50% off plants and half at regular price.  After just a few days she said they all looked the same; in a good way. 

Instead of paying $4 each she is now happily paying $2 each.  She also ventured out and purchased some hydrangeas for $3 each.  One other bit of information, she said that weekdays are the best time to check this deal out unless you are a real early bird on Saturday mornings.  You could also ask the garden center folks when they go through the plants and look for what will be put back on the table. 

Happy planting!

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