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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Frugal Friday--Side Table

On the weekend mornings we like to sit outside on our porch here: 

and look out here: 

A few months ago L asked if I could buy a small table for us to use on the porch and thankfully I actually remembered to look for one when I was in WalMart one afternoon.    I found the small little side table with the glass table top for a mere $15.  

Then a few weeks ago he asked if I could please buy another one because he would like to have a place to put his coffee on his right, so he wouldn't have to reach across.  

While those of you in TX might not have picked up on it, but this isn't exactly the season for purchasing outdoor garden furniture.  So I had a brilliant idea.  

I'd use the metal spools that we found out here when we bought the place and put a table top on there.  

My neighbor D had used remnants of granite for her window sills and I really liked how they were squared off on three sides so they could build a window around them and then were rough cut facing out.  I thought a couple of those would work really well for me too.  

After some searching around town I found a place who said that I could buy a remnant.  I assured them I would not be making anyone rich with what I was looking for, but they said to come on down.  Steve at Empire Countertops could not have been nicer.  

Then, when I showed him what I was looking for he couldn't believe it, wished me a Merry Christmas and sent me on my way with just what I needed for nuttin'...  

...and look how closely they match the brick. I rinsed them off.  Moved a few things into place and viloa'

Ok, so I didn't sweep off the porch after moving the spools from their prior spot.  Oh and both pieces have a rounded edge that could be lined up and face out to create a nice finished edge.  We might even glue the pieces together, but that will be for later.   

I'm happy to report that L is very satisfied with the table and the price, though he wouldn't have cared how much I spent.  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunrise! An excellent way to start a weekend day! - K

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunrise - an excellent way to start a weekend day! - K