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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Things haven't exactly been quiet around here.  I've not been sitting around on the couch eating bon bons or anything wildly interesting like that, but getting time to sit down at the computer has proven to be more of a challenge than I could overcome, until tonight at least.  

J took these pictures on Easter Sunday when L and I were out for a walk.  

That was just before we had the worst execution of a meal in a mighty long time.  We had S & K over for lunch so thankfully it wasn't a large crowd that had to wait.  

Want to know how bad things went... They arrived around noon for lunch, and at 3:30 when the meat was still not ready I declared that we should eat the sides (salads I had made on Saturday) before they we started gnawing the furniture.  I could see in their eyes that was getting close.  

Oh right, back to the pictures.  

While we were on our walk we could see these large swarms of birds migrating in typical bird formations

and then gathering for a 'spin' as they waited for others to join.  
Apparently they flew directly over the house, and were making so much noise that J went outside to see what was going on.  When he realized what was up, he grabbed my phone and went outside to take pictures for the blog.  What a great kid!  

There were thousands of birds it was so amazing to watch as they caught the south breeze and headed back to some northern land.  

Just wanted to share the cool pics with you, even if it was almost a month later.    

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Anonymous said...

Is lunch ready yet?