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Monday, April 8, 2013

Tip Tuesday--When it Rains, It Pours

This is a public service announcement. 

When you've had a very dry spell for a period and it does finally rain an inch at your house while you're away at work, you are thankful.  

Then when it starts to pour after you are home for the evening you're even more thankful.  Especially when it is this much rain. 

But later when you find out that your dearest most darling-est youngest child has left the trunk open during said rainstorm, it does dampen your spirits.  

When you get the dripping wet quilt out of the trunk, and all of the other wet things out and into the dryer and spread all over the house to dry out and you think you've gotten it all.  Then you'll figure out that you didn't.

Turns out that 2.25" of rain was not all absorbed by one quilt, a bible, a baseball glove, and shopping bags that were scattered all over the back of the trunk.  

It seems that the spare tire well is apparently capable of holding a couple of inches of water for a few more days.

Just thought I'd share this useful bit of information.  

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