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Monday, December 23, 2013

Tip Tuesday--New Year's Resoltuions

Yes, I recognize that you're reading this right around Christmas.  You're already questioning me, I can hear it!  It's not time for a New Year's resolution yet.

I still have a full week of living my old ways.

Feel free.  I'm not here to stop you, but... if you want things to be different this time, you'll likely need to think about it differently.

Wander down this path with me.  In the last week, two people I really care for and admire, have challenged me to look at two completely unrelated items in a very different way than before.  And I was certain I had made up my mind about each item.

That got me to thinking, which certainly can be dangerous, what if I thought differently about a New Year's resolution.  What if, instead of making a big splash on January 1st, I quietly and privately started making the changes that I wanted for 2014 right now?

I can tell you that my implementation schedule has not been 100%, but because the pressure of doing it just right in the new year isn't there, I've been quietly figuring out how to 'fix' my process before it is really show time.

If you are considering the ol' reliable resolutions; eat better, exercise more, spend less, be more organized... you're at least in the right place and reading the right blog (see you're off to a great start already!).

Now is the time you can see about where you might add an extra fruit or veggie to your daily meals, where an extra glass of water might fit, how you can get going to the gym again, or just move around more so that the step counter app on your phone shows better results than the 1,800 steps/day you logged for the first week.  I'm just sayin that could have happened.

Good luck on whatever you decide to tackle!


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