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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pigs and Vacation

I've already mentioned that we needed pig trainers.

Turns out we also needed a pig baby-sitter.  

Last summer we found out we were included in a framily cruise which was wonderful.  

Before you think I have a typo in there let me show you how hip I'm not.  After seeing that term in some internal communications at work I thought these crazy marketing people have a typo in a press release.  Good grief how could CM let that go out, she ALWAYS catches spelling errors.  I turned to the Google and found that it's an urban dictionary term for friends so close they are like family--framily.  Do use caution when looking up words on urban dictionary, you might not want to know what some things are. 

Anywhooo.  We were so thankful to be included.  J had an absolute BLAST with all the other kids on the cruise and asked when we could go again.    

Neighbor K is always so wonderful to help with our animals when we are out of town.  As we were getting back to our car in Galveston I received a text from K wondering when we would be back home that day.  She had news of Piggy and I should call her at work.  I was immediately concerned because she can't take calls at work, or text!  

I called right away.  Piggy is our female pig, and she hadn't been eating or drinking or getting up since Tuesday, and it was Thursday.  She was obviously concerned and certainly didn't want Piggy to... well you know go to her final resting place, before we got back.  These pigs are getting to be like pets to J at this point.  She went home and googled 'sick pig', she says that is a bad idea, so I'll take her word for it.  She was even more concerned. 

She found S's phone number at our house, left him a message, "Hi S, this is your neighbor K.  I know you're in Canada, but can you help with a sick pig?  or tell me who I can get help from?"  Yep, the M family to the rescue!!!  Turns out Mrs. M is a retired vet, and because both of their boys raised pigs for 4H she knew just what to do, had the right medicines and took care of everything for us.  Mrs. M stopped by on her way home from work Thursday just to check on her.

If you have learned nothing else today, please use caution when googling anything on urban dictionary or sick pigs.   

Piggy is doing much better.  Now she just needs to remember how to eat...well,... like a pig.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation, and that Piggy is OK, after all!