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Monday, February 3, 2014

Tip Tuesday--Drop Everything

If you happen to be secretly wanting to go through your spouse's closet to clear some clutter; continue to resist.  However, when they give an inch, feel free to push for the full mile.

Last weekend I was just about to head out for my weekly errands and L said, "Oh if you could buy some bins to put all of my deer season clothes in, you could do that."  Ok. And if you could move these suitcases.  Sure.  And if you wanted to go through this stuff over here you could (I've been secretly wanting to for more than a few years, but I've learned it takes patience when there is not an imminent move involved).
And I really don't want these shoes anymore. I think it's been a while since I've worn them.  
(Ya think! :))
So I pressed a bit and all these boots and shoes could also go too.
and the pile of jackets on the bed as well.  He gave the go ahead to get rid of some other shirts too and an 18" tall stack of old magazines from 2002.   
What?!?! You don't keep a saws-all in your bedroom closet?  

I was in organizer heaven. 

I went ahead and took some liberties and cleared off the floor completely.  Now the closet looks enormous!

L said he's going to have to go shopping to refill the shelves.  :)

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