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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekly Menu 2/15+

We had another snow day last week Friday (our third) and then another delayed start on Tuesday (our third).
While the forecast isn't calling for more inclimate (sp?) weather J is out of school on Monday for President's Day.  No they aren't going to use that day as a make up because the teacher work day already has speakers coming in.  Hopefully Memorial Day won't be at risk, because really who wants to go to school in late May?

One bonus??? we've eaten a LOT of soup this winter.  L would count it a penalty, but who's keeping score?
Wednesday was a delicious broccoli soup.  L didn't partake.

Thursday was brats cooked in the oven when L passed on the option of M's cabbage and bratwurst soup. Did I mention it was cold and good soup weather?  Can't beat egg noodles with butter crisped panko and brussel sprouts sauteed in the skillet; finished of course with a little butter.

Friday I made beef stroganoff in the crockpot to cook something with a Russian flair for the Olympic opening ceremonies.  J and I also made English Muffin Bread too, since we were home. It makes great toast.
Saturday night it is hard to beat hamburgers around here, or get anyone to be interested in anything besides a hamburger.

Sunday afternoon I was out of pocket until 6pm and L cooked bacon and waffles.  I fried up an enormous egg to go with it; more on that topic tomorrow.

Monday we had a great roasted turkey breast (special meat clearance of 50 cents/pound) because L was home early after not being selected for jury duty.  It was ready to go into the oven as soon as he got home at 2:30; even not being selected takes time.

Tuesday night was cold and wet and we were busy watching a day's worth of Olympics.  Thanks to our DVR that only takes about an hour and you can help the cross country skiers ski 4x faster going up those hills.  J had leftover stroganoff and L and I both had bowls of raisin bran.

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