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Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Pictures from Vacation

As many of you know we recently returned from our ‘big’ summer vacation to see this new addition to the family.

We jetted off to St Louis apparently so that a mother of six could bring a meal to all of us while Jnt appropriately rested on the couch, I sat at the dining room table working, c swung in the swing and slept (like the angel he is) and my youngest played wii for six hours. 
One of the seminary wives called and offered to bring a meal over for the family following the birth of c.  Very nice.  I didn’t realize how horrible I would feel after she left.  She asked if this was C & J’s first, yes it is.  J politely asked, if she had children?  Yes, 7, 5, 4, the twins are two and 11 months.  She left about 45 seconds after that and it was all J and I could do to not bust a gut laughing from shock and embarrassment.  We should be fixing HER a meal.  Yikes.  It was a fabulous meal of meatloaf, roasted potatoes, cucumber salad and a homemade peach pie. 
Here are some of the images that we captured.  Jk took most of the pictures. 
This is no random picture of the ceiling or fan.  The point is that the fan is in motion and Jk was fascinated with watching it in the screen of the camera and then seeing the ‘finished’ picture with stop motion.
This is how your feet can make a square.  Riveting pictures I know.
Finally I get a hold of the camera and we get a little more of what we came to see. 
Tio Hakay helps with tummy time. 
Lift your head up like this c.
Here you can see Tio Hakay showing me how c is being baptized. 
I stepped in to help calm c after a very long day of church, out to lunch and having his sins washed away.
More pictures to come.  You’ll get to see the ones I took of little c that are on my phone. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love it! And thanks for clarifying the Jk and Jnt... could be confusing otherwise. :)