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Friday, July 15, 2011

Swimming Chicken

Have you ever wondered whether a chicken can float or swim? 
While J and I were swimming, in our red-neck pool the other night, that is just the thought that crossed my mind.  Since L was washing his motorcycle near the pool the water was running.  That has a tendency to bring up any bug and since we have brilliantly smart chickens they like to come around too.  At this stage of the summer, there are fewer and fewer bugs to be found, but these girls are quite assiduous, or really hungry. 
So I asked L to hand me a chicken, which he did and lo and behold they float, just like a duck.  Edna wasn’t alarmed by her situation (that's her in front). 

She was quite content to just float along, at least until she got near the edge of the pool. 

Then the wings began to flap like crazy and she scrambled up to the edge and glided down. 
That was so much fun for us that I had to get out of the pool and get the camera so that y'all could see what fun we had too. 
Is this what a chicken fight looks like in the beginning?  I'd call this the stare down phase.
It would certainly give a whole new meaning to chicken fighting in a pool.    
It didn’t come to that. 
Now you have. 
Ever seen a chicken surf or ride a boogie board? 

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