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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who is it?

 It’s the plumber I’ve come to fix the sink.
Perhaps that line doesn’t mean much to you, unless of your husband is a plumber or you’ve had a major plumbing emergency recently.  But when I say it, it’s in a weird nasally voice and it reminds me of the Electric Company that I watched as a kid.  Yea for You Tube, you can watch it here. 
Anyway, I was sitting at my computer working, minding my own business and I hear this very weird sound.  I work from home; alone.  I don't keep the radio or tv on, because I’m working and it distracts me.  So it was quiet.  At first I thought there might be another mouse family in the house so I froze waiting to see if the noise happened again.  It did, and I realized it was coming from the door behind me. 
It was the plumber, she’d come to fix the sink.
I didn’t let her in. 

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