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Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Stuff & Rearranged Stuff

A few months ago I posted about S flying the coop and the necessary purging that we had to do to really get the room to a place that could be well, presentable to anyone who might want to stay with us overnight. Because this version of the room from 2006 prior to a rearrangement was well, not quite so presentable.  Apparently I knew I'd need this picture in five years.

Here are a few before shots...

Then J's room was going to get some needed changes too.
That actually took some convincing on my part, because he was concerned that he would have to walk all the way across the room to get his clothes every morning from the new dresser placement.  When I pointed out that he would be going that way when he left the room anyway, he agreed to help with the changes.  

First was bed assembly.  Yes, it took me two tries to get it put together right.  It's apparently a family trait and the verse from Genesis was right...and the two will become one flesh...
Oh, are you wondering about the bookcase?  Yes, that's a 1966 Encyclopedia Britannica set.  I've tried to get rid of them, but C once used them to prove the narwhal existed to J and he decided that they must stay.  When I cleaned out the room with S this summer I again tried to get rid of them, but S brought up the narwhal incident and they stayed.  I'm pretty sure J will burn them when she cleans out the house; because of the narwhal incident.  

Then the sewing machine and ironing board moved in.  Yes, that's an Aunt Sister painting above the oddly placed wooden board.  
Finally the dresser switch.  This would prove to be a troublesome spot with J in a few hours.  

Finally the bench that L's cousin made from a large fallen tree, came in from outside.  It desperately needs a coat of something on it.  I did scrub off the dirt.  

Yes, I can see it's not quite centered.  I'll fix that; promise.  
While J & I were working in this room, J pointed out that he was sure glad this wasn't his room because it was so small and there were too many walls in it; the hall closet takes up one corner.  It's clear, he has no idea what a regular sized bedroom is.  :)  

Then the dresser swap into J's room; also not a standard sized room.  He's not so sure that he needs all that space in the dresser, but his clothes are getting too big for the other one.  

That night when I put him to bed he wanted it all switched back.  I said I couldn't promise to do that.  
He's a solid Lutheran boy; doesn't like to change.  It seems like a good idea at the start of the project, but in the end... please keep things just as they were even if they are no longer effective or practical.  Maybe that applies to other religions too.  

When I asked L what he thought of the new room, he described it as eclectic.  Then I got to thinking about it and he was right.  I'm calling it the decade room because there is at least one thing from every decade beginning in the 40's.  I guess if I look around the house enough I might be able to go back into the 1910s.  I'll work on that, but for now... 

1940s: The little white dresser was Aunt Bev and Nana's when they were babies, most recently used by J after extensive stripping and repainting by B after her girls added a few coats of paint
1950s: Ironing board from Jackie J's mother that I bought when she moved to UT (the state not the college)
1960s: Encyclopedias
1970s: Aunt Sister's painting
1980s: Brown sewing cabinet
1990s: Tx Ranger picture and ink drawing S and Nana bought outside Hickory Street during a Nana Camp
2000s: White sewing cabinet 
2010s: The new bed 

Anyway, I'm ready for company now so y'all come, despite having to stay in a room with 'so many walls'.  

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