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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fresh Cookies? Yes, Anytime

The other day I made some cookies as a thank you to someone who solved a long standing problem we've had with indoor coverage at our house.  No more standing in the yard to talk on the phone, or hugging the glass in the door to maintain a call.  It's incredible the freedom that brings and one that I'm still not all that used to.  

So baking some cookies was the least I could do for them. The baked cookies went into a box and into the mail, but there was leftover dough.  Of course everyone at my house likes to eat raw cookie dough and that is considered an acceptable dessert here--I know some of you are horrified, but it's good and we like it, so get over it.  

However, I'm sometimes a big meanie and instead of putting the extra in the fridge, I freeze the dough so that we (meaning I) can have fresh baked cookies on a whim.  Usually I freeze the dough in a log, like the stuff you could buy in the refrigerated section of the store.  The disadvantage there is that when you want to bake cookies you have to let the dough thaw, or risk your fingertips with the super sharp Cutco knives (just ask C how sharp those are) while you try and chop up that frozen dough, to then lay out on the cookie sheet.  

This time I decided I could scoop it out into balls and freeze those instead of creating the log.  So I did what any blogger would do and took pictures so I could write about it.  From the bowl to the wax paper lined cookie sheet.  

Then into the freezer
and finally into a ziploc bag for storage.

You could of course write what sort of cookie is inside if it is something not quite as obvious as the chocolate chip in this one.  Next time someone, like me, wants a freshly baked cookie all I'll have to do is pop a couple of these onto the cookie sheet and into the toaster oven.  Yes the cooking time will need to be extended a few minutes to overcome the frozen state of the dough.

Will the dough freeze well?  Yes.  The cookie dough that is sold as a fundraiser by schools is frozen.
Will the cookies be fresh?  Yes.  More fresh coming out of the oven this way than if you baked them first and then froze them.  Plus your house will smell good too.
Need more info?  Feel free to give me a ring, because I can take your call now.

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