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Friday, October 28, 2011

Cow Update #42

Look how nicely everyone is getting along.  I captured this shot just after they all had a nice filling snack of watermelon rind.  

But really they stopped snack time because J & I were almost running out of the house when we heard Mr. St pull up with a trailer.  Could it be??? Yes!

The hay was ready...

The trailer was ready...
but apparently the cows were not ready, because no one told them they were supposed to show up.  Or perhaps they were informed and they decided to decline the invitation.

Truck horns were sounded; nothing.
Another neighbor rode around on his 4-wheeler; nothing.
Then this happened and all was called off for the night.

 Mr. St and I had a nice conversation about one cow who was 'pen smart', meaning she just wouldn't go into a pen if she knew that was what you wanted her to do.  Then he brought up Missy and according to him, "Missy did too much thinking for a cow."  Well said Mr. St.

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