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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Move to the Lee of the Stone

There are a lot of homeless rabbits at our house this week.  This wasn't our intent, but it is a natural consequence of some work we are having done.  

Do you remember the movie "The Secret of NIMH"?  It was animated so I know that leaves some of you out.  It's totally a very believable story... 

There were the super smart lab rats that some how were sneaking out of the lab at night to cavort with the local wildlife including a wise old owl and a family of rabbits.  Of course they all got along splendidly. Somehow the rats catch wind of a plot from the humans to do away with the rabbits house.  

***spoiler alert***

It's a race for the rats to get out and warn the rabbits, but the rats can't run fast enough to tell the rabbits, but the owl can fly there and save them.  The owl repeatedly tells the mother rabbit that she must move her house to the lee of the stone and she and her family will be saved.  Wouldn't you know that just in the nick of time the rabbits all make it over the stone before the mean and evil looking tractor comes and plows up the land and their old house.  

Please meet the mean and evil looking tractor.

This was my view Thursday morning at the edge of the yard fence.

Then the heavy equipment arrived.
I was so mesmerized by watching this machine knock over those scrub trees and grind them into mulch right on the spot.  I tell you what, if I had been a three year old boy I would have been jumping up and down at the very sights and sounds of it all.

and then here is what it looked like in dawn's early light and the tractor fired up for another day...
Can you believe it?? We can see all the way to the gate from the house.  That white spot is the worker guy's truck that is parked pretty close to the gate.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How am I supposed to figure out how the "evil tractor" works based on the pictures you posted? C