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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuesday's Tip--Avocado

Have you ever made a great salad or salsa with avocado and then not been able to eat all of it the same day you made it?  Me too!  

This tip could have also doubled as a Frugal Friday Post because there is no reason to throw out that uneaten salad just because it will turn brown. If you will just toss the pit of each avocado that you use into the salad while you are storing it, there is some wonderful design in the pit that keeps the cut up, or mashed up avocado from turning brown.  

If you used multiple fruits in your dish, then you will need to put each pit in there to make it work.  I took a picture of my leftover salad and it's pit just to show you that it indeed did work before I snarffed the rest of it down.  

1 comment:

Donna Menke said...

I'll have to try that trick. Avocado in red potato salad? Interesting.