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Friday, July 20, 2012

One Take Wonder

Very early on this summer as the pool was getting settled, it became very clear that it had a pretty serious leak.  In fact we could even find the leaf shaped hole near the edge.  Water was leaking out like the proverbial sieve.  We decided that a new pool was the answer so we ordered it, but it would be 3-4 weeks before it could be delivered.  

While we waited we wondered if some duct tape would help the situation.  
Well it certainly couldn't hurt.  So L used some special A/C duct tape that has to get wet in order to bond properly.  Man did that do the trick. We were down to a trickle of water coming out now and no longer needed to an an inch of water every other day.  Talk about a non-frugal proposition.

Anyway, we could not figure out how to set up the new pool when it arrived and use the water from the existing pool because they needed to occupy the same space.  

Instead we set up a fun once in a lifetime chance for J to ride the wave of an exploding pool.  L and J thought about it for weeks, how they would do it, could they both ride the wave, how much would the pool need to be cut, should they start from the bottom or the top.  

I hope the video is as clear here as it is on the ipad, but you can watch for yourself.... 

It was almost a frog strangler, but this guy was still hopping.  

You can see the catastrophic damage that was done to the top of the liner.  

but look at how this bottom section separated from the top, and it didn't separate on the seam.
It did separate from the edges of the hole.  If you look just above J's head in this picture you can see the remnants of duct tape that are still holding on.  How's that for super strong tape?

We've been blessed with several days of rain, so the new pool is not up yet, but Saturday morning that is at the top of our agenda!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a fun video....and yes, duct tape can fix anything. Maybe there should be a show about the people that invented duct tape instead of one about the people that invented the duck caller!! SL