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Friday, August 3, 2012

Breakaway Brahma

Friday evening L and I went out for our regular walk, the two mile trek up to the 'big tree' on the paved road.  Just as we were headed back to the gravel road we could hear a truck coming so we slowed down and moved over so that they would see us as they came around the blind corner.  

We gave a friendly wave as they went by with their loaded trailer, but then we heard the sound of something falling off and we could see instantly that they had lost their brahma bull.  
We tried waving our arms to flag the driver down, but they kept on driving completely unaware of what had just happened.  

Deciding we would wait with the bull for a bit to see if they realized what had happened, but after just a few minutes we realized they were completely unaware.   

Since we are good neighbors, we decided we would walk the bull the one and a quarter miles back to their house for them. Now this is no ordinary bull, this is one that they use to trail bull riders.

We weren't certain we would be able to get this hunk of beef back to his home but it seemed like the neighborly thing to at least try. It took some effort, and we stumbled a couple of times and once we almost dropped him. My arms were really starting to feel the burn, but we made it.  

As we were walking him back home I decided this would make good blog material, it's been pretty dry with Missy gone.  So once home and before we cooled off in the new pool, I hopped in the car and drove back to capture these pictures of the bull safely back at home.  

1 comment:

Donna Menke said...

Good one, Andrea! Had me going for a while.