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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tip Tuesday--Bookcovers

Don't you just love the fall?  It's back to school time, the days are starting to get really hot so you know summer is coming to a close.  The sun is setting earlier and you can really tell it's dark before you want to collapse in bed for the night.  Does anyone else have a rule about the sun needing to be down before you can go to bed?  Never mind.

But back to school is also a time for reworking your schedule, even if you don't have kids starting school, traffic patterns change (at least here they do), you can remember what it was like to start a fresh school year full of hope and promise.... Oh, right.

So school started for us this past week.

On the first day of third grade the teachers sent home textbook #1 of 4 that needed to be covered that night.  It was only at the suggestions of the teacher that I was even able to come up with idea beyond the brown paper bag for a book cover when I figured out that Butter Krust doesn't make book covers anymore.  I think they barely make bread, so it's no surprise that they stopped making the covers too.  I guess Big Red is also out of the book cover business (remember those white ones???).  Perhaps schools don't want to promote white bread and sugary soda in the classroom anymore and I guess the broccoli growers association hasn't stepped up to start printing book covers yet.

Well, I don't usually get paper grocery bags anymore, I had just dropped off my paper recycling that morning so the newspaper option was out, and the only wrapping paper I have is for Christmas.

Not wanting to fall apart on the first day of the new year and deciding that I could solve this problem.  I thought about the giant stack of gift bags I have stashed away.  Turns out 90% of my stack is the 9x12 variety, in a full rainbow of colors.  However, these books are much larger than that, but I did have a handful of good sized bags and they worked perfectly.

So I cut them apart

Wrapped one side and folded them under
and then the other side
and ta daaaaa

1 comment:

Jen Ferguson said...

What a fun way to cover them!!