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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Frugal Friday--Restaurant Beverages

In our regular budget we plan to eat out for lunch after church every week. We don't live close to church so by the time we try to sleep in a little and then rush out the door to get there on time we usually haven't eaten breakfast.  If we get there early enough we might snag a few donut holes, but let's face while those are tasty, they don't really satisfy.  When church is out, we are all famished.

Then there is the race to the restaurant to beat the Baptists.  Does anyone else's family have this mentality?  And if anyone out there is a Baptist, who does your family try to beat once church is out?  Or do you just not know that restaurants are not always jammed packed on Sunday.

Of course the Baptists are just getting started when we get out, but it's a race and we feel the pressure to beat them anyway, because as I taught in the Sunday School lesson recently you should run the race so as to win the prize and if the prize is getting a table at the restaurant then our family wins on a regular basis.  Perhaps I've taken the verse out of context as C warns me not to do all the time.  Just for the record I didn't once mention to the kids that you should try to beat the Baptists.

Oh, I've way digressed.

Anyway once you get to the restaurant before or after the Baptists, and it's time to order, you might want to consider not ordering anything more than just water to drink.  Have you noticed the price of a glass of tea lately?  It's terrible!  Sometimes I have seen it be as much as $2.50 for a glass.  In full disclosure though, I do LOVE to have tea with my lunch, especially when eating Mexican food.  As any number of my regular lunch partners can attest I can drink some tea and I definitely get my money's worth, or at least I make a good run at it.

If you are on a tighter budget and a meal out is the treat, then save $10 on a party of four and skip the non-water beverages.  But if we got out to eat, please don't judge me for ordering tea, it's a personal decision and I get a LOT of enjoyment out of it.

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