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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Organize with a New Tool

Here is a third post in the series on getting things in a more workable order in my kitchen.  I was so excited to implement this, that I skipped ahead to post about this instead of the leftover cell phones.  Don't worry, that's still coming...

This section of my pantry holds a lot of different types of vinegar, in fact I had no idea that I had this many kinds of vinegar.
When I wanted one of them, by definition of a Murphy's Law corollary it was always in the back.
I knew just what would help the situation and on a wild shopping trip in Houston a little while back I bought the solution.

It's a 12" lazy Susan with rubberized grip.  It's not something you can get at Wally World, OK not at my Small-mart, you have to go to the 'fancy store' BB&B.  Yes, I know I don't get out much and that was obvious almost immediately when my friend S & I walked in the door.  Oooo, look at this.  Did you know they made these?  Me either.  If I was a male I think I would have sounded like Gomer Pyle.  It's not that I don't drive by this store everyday.  However, it is true that I rarely cross the threshold.  Guess I need to get in there more. :)

Once I got home I was ready to tackle this project.  Again, about 20 minutes later I had this to show for my work.
Yes, I did get a good deal on Miracle Whip and Mayo, why do you ask?  When I started this project there was actually not room on the shelf for those to be up here with the other spare/backup condiments.

How did I know this idea would work?  I read about it in a magazine several years ago and also implemented it in my bathroom right after I read about it.

The nice thing about the bathroom application is that I no longer knock things over when I get them out because instead of lifting over other things, I can spin around and just take it off without having to dodge another product.

Where do you need one of these handy dandy spinners?  Don't be lazy like Susan.

Oh... Susan!  Now there's a funny girl that you'll have to meet another day.

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