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Monday, April 30, 2012

Tip Tuesday--Rearrange Things

Way back over the adult-length Christmas vacation, you know the week between Christmas and New Year's, L and J went to see a movie and I took care of a major issue that had been bugging me. 

This is the bottom half of my pantry.  It was so full of stuff that it was just impossible to walk in there to get anything.  I am fully aware that I have an enormous pantry and I should never be lacking for space, but it's the goldfish syndrome--my stuff grew to fill the space. 

What?  you don't keep TWO bags of chicken feed and a plastic bin of it in your pantry?  Well that was certainly part of my problem when it came to taking up floor space.

Now you can see why I wanted to DO something about the space.  I go in there 2-3 times a day so having to look at the chaos just makes me crazy! 

Now, things are much better.  Let's take a quick tour...

Starting at the top left are canned goods, yes, they are grouped together by type--all tomoates are together, canned soups, sweetners (syrup, honey, molasses, chocolate syrup).  Moving clockwise, the baking section, a basket for chocolate chips and other small packages of add ins, another basket for oat bran and other small amounts of grains for breads, then the extra flour and sugar that won't fit into the canisters. 

Next shelf down are the breakfast foods so that J can reach them and in theory not wake me up on Saturday morning to tell me he's hungry.  Also snack foods and a full basket of candy from holiday leftovers and birthday party goodie bags; basically it is never empty. 

Then moving on down to the floor area, our paper recycling basket, only four more bottles of wine that tastes terrible, potatoes and onions in a cool place (on the concrete floor), then the recycling bin for cans and glass that I take to town when it gets full.  Can you beleive there's not curb-side pick up for that out here?  Perhaps because we don't actually have curbs.  Well don't get smart about it, we don't have paved roads either so you're right curbs on the road out here would look pretty silly. 

Next over are the chicken food and dog food bins.  Wouldn't you know that Only Dog left shortly after I purchased a brand new 44# bag, and this picture was taken.  So the dog food was sent to neighbor K for her dogs to eat. 

Almost finihsed...then we have a few bottled drinks, because sometimes you just need them and it's better to have a few at the house than to need to stop and buy them at the convenince store. 

Rounding out the tour are the small appliances, the rotisserre, waffle iron, the old hand blender--now you'd see a bright spot of green, and that completes our tour. 

What spaces do you want to redo in your house? 

Pick a small one, or a large one and I'll let you tell about how it works for you!  Or if you're shy, you can tell me and I will tell everyone else how the rearrangement works for you. 

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