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Monday, November 25, 2013

Tip Tuesday--Thanksgiving Week

Here we are the week of the big show....

Mon Thaw turkey in fridge
Set aside more ice 
Calculate what time everything needs to go into the oven on Thursday.
Tues Make cornbread if you are going to make your own stuffing and disappoint a Pilgrim (this commercial is hilarious)
Wed Buy a second turkey if you mistake the smell of rotting bean sprouts as a spoiled turkey
Brine turkey
Assemble veggie casseroles
Bake pies and make desserts
Peel potatoes and let them soak in lightly salted water in your fridge
(if you have room) 

Thursday... it's all about the countdown:
7:30   Remove turkey from brine; rinse and pat dry.  
8:00   Turkey in the oven (assumes a 22 lb turkey), but Butterball tells all.
  Peel potatoes (though feel free to wait until you have helping hands)
  Encourage people to eat breakfast so they aren't too cranky when the meal is not ready at 11:30
11:45   Start Mashed Potatoes
11:50   Casseroles in the oven
12:10   Remove meat from oven; let rest ~10 minutes
12:10   Start gravy
12:10   Potatoes at a boil
12:20   Carve meat; cover and return to oven if there's room or put on back of stove to keep warm
12:35   Take casseroles out of the oven
12:35   Rolls in the oven
12:40   Whip/Mash potatoes
12:55   Rolls out of the oven
12:59   Remember you need to cook the peas; fling them in the microwave with butter and water
1:00   'Dinner' is served
1:10   Peas are ready; 'Dinner' is really served
2:30   Nap Time; dishes will wait!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the timeline and the pilgrim!