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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekly Menu 11/9+

First up it is Dutch Oven-day.  There is nothing better than a good juicy pork roast, unless of course you or someone in your house doesn't like pork roast.

My HEB, and it seems like it could have been the only one in the area that had pork roast for $1/lb.. Anyway,  I was able to take advantage of a good sale, despite having to turn on the A/C to overcome the four hours of having the oven on at 325, the roast was delicious and a great bargain.

I tried to go back to another HEB and buy a few more roasts, but after two stops in Austin, that is how I figured out that only my store seemed to be the one offering the sale.  So if I steered you wrong, I'm sorry.

Monday I cooked a flattened chicken that said it would only take 10 minutes in the skillet and then another 20 in the oven.  Oh how I wish that had been the case.  J and I were each ready to gnaw off our arms, and he suggested that I heat up some mozzarella sticks; which we inhaled while we waited for that chicken to cook.  An hour and 10 minutes later, it was finished.  It did have a nice crispy skin and good flavor, but goodness that is no weeknight meal, so be warned.

Tuesday we had the left over pork made into pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw with Marie's coleslaw dressing (my favorite secret sauce), and sugar beans (what J calls baked beans).

On Wednesday night we had sandwiches because I found a great clearance sale on lunch meat at the store on Saturday.

Thursday was Halloween and there is no need to crowd your stomach with real food when there is all that candy out there to collect and eat.  Plus throw in a good school Reformation Day/Harvest Festival party and there was just not too much interest in food at my house.

Friday we rounded out the week with tostadas,  made with ground meat from the freezer and some brown beans I also found in the freezer.  I heated up the beans with some flavored cream cheese (green onion, not strawberry :P) and that added an extra creaminess to the beans before I smashed them up to spread on the lowest layer of the tostadas.

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