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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grocery Deals 12/21+

Randalls:      spiral ham 1.99/lb, (or you can get the fancy one with the foil-ish wrapper for 2.99/lb or you can go all out and get the one with Paula Deen’s picture on the foil for 3.99/lb) whole ham .99/lb, rump roast 2.99/lb, NY strip roast 4.97/lb, ribeye roast 4.97/lb, Bluebell 3.99, butter 2.50/lb
Wed only:           boneless chicken 1.69/lb,
Fri only:                cheese pizza $6
Sat only:               eggs .88/dz, jimmy dean sausage 1.99

HEB:            strawberries 2.47/lb, celeminties 4.97/5# green beans .87/lb, breakfast sausage $2, bacon $3/lb, ribeye roast 9.97/lb (this is the choice cut, Randall’s isn’t), legs/thighs $1/lb, boneless chicken 1.97/lb

Sprouts:    red grapes .88/lb, oranges .49/lb, apples .99/lb, onions .49/lb, cucumbers .49, green bell peppers .49, cilantro .49, green onions .49, celery .88, lettuce .88, tomatoes .88/lb,             avocado .77, red/yellow/orange bell pepper .88, green beans .99/lb, red potatoes .99/lb, boneless chicken 1.99/lb, spiral ham 1.99 (no fancy foil or pictures), rib roast 5.99/lb, oats .69/lb

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