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Thursday, December 22, 2011


God has been answering our prayers for rain lately allowing us 4.5" of rain in December so far.  It's been fabulous.  Most of it however has just been soaking into the very dry ground and not running off.  That is until last night.

Last night while we were sleeping we estimate that we had 1.5" of rain at our house.  I say estimate because our rain gauge has had a hole in it for almost a year and during a drought that's not a particularly urgent issue to correct.  So we've been using a feed bucket that sits out and as the weather man reports it that pretty closely matches what we've found in the bucket each time. It's very scientific.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning and looked out the east windows I noticed this:

Lots of green grass, well it's really clover, but it's green and such a change from the dry brown stubble we've grown so accustomed to.  What we need now are some cows.  Where is Missy when you need her?

Then also this...

The tank is up about three feet, and when I first looked out the window, and didn't have my camera, you could see the water streaming in.  It was delightful!

Then I noticed that the dock is floating,

but it's not exactly reachable from the bank anymore.  Well not without waders.  I'm not exactly sure how far the end of the plank is from the muddy bank, but it's the muddy bank that kept me from walking out there too much further.

At some point both L and I thought about going out and moving the chains that hold the dock to the bank and moving them up a little.  But good intentions here are going to be a muddy road very soon.

We are both, make that all of us, very thankful for the rain.

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