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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Knock Knock...

Who's there?  
Lamb who?  

Just one momma cow and her baby are on the lam around here.  

I was home on vacation last week standing in the kitchen when I saw a 'flash' of black baby calf running past the living room windows. It wasn't actually in the yard, but between the fence and the tank.  I quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside.

Momma was in the lead and full out running and I was only able to catch this one picture because she apparently knows what's been going on every time anyone of the 'other' cows hung around near the house; they were carted off. So she and the cutest little black calf ran past the house as quickly as possible and into the back...somewhere.

Mr. St, Mrs. St and the other neighbor EJ have all been on the look out for her and trying to get her penned up, leaving messages on our machine to let them know if we see her.  But she's apparently smarter than Missy ever was, or maybe Missy shouted warnings as she left here, "Don't eat the food, no matter how hungry you might beeeeee."

Now that things have greened up around here, there's a good chance we'll only catch glimpses of her every now and then.  I might need to name her Phantom 309.

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